Learn Colors with Yokai Watch for Children [4K HD]

Learn Colors with Yokai Watch for Children DON'T FORGET NEW VIDEOS EVERYDAY! :) Please don't forget to comment, like and share! And if you have't already, please SUBSCRIBE :) What is The Yo-Kai Watch? A television anime series based on the game, produced by OLM, began airing in Japan on TX Network on January 8, 2014.[35] Some of the episodes has a "Mini-Corner" which features one of the main Yo-kai characters. On April 7, 2015, Level-5 unveiled a promotional video for a second season of the anime series, which premiered in July 2015. The second season features a new protagonist named Inaho Misora and her Yo-kai companion USApyon. It also features new models of the Yo-kai Watch called the "Yo-kai Watch U".[36] and Yo-kai Watch Dream. The third season of the anime series premiered on January 6, 2017.