SUAB HMONG NEWS: Kev Ntseeg rau sab Hmongism (Hmong Religion "HMONGISM")

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by Suab Hmong News 12,133

What and how some of the major process in the new modified Hmong religion "HMONGISM". We thank you for posting your comment on our video. Although, we reserved the rights to remove any comments at any time. NOTE. All comments are monitored by our moderators. Any suggestions must send directly to us using this email All suggestions posted on the comments section will be ignore and deleted. --------------------------- News Music used in our video is from: News Theme by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: --------------------------- Suab Hmong News broadcasts Hmong News, Hmong Entertainment, TalkShow, Travel, and Sports. Suab Hmong News has been serving the Hmong Community since May 11, 2000. We are the leading News for the Hmong Community around the world. To contact us, send your email to Visit Suab Hmong News websites: For complete video production services, contact us at ┬ęSuab Hmong News. All rights reserved. This video may not be published, rebroadcast, or redistributed for any purpose without our consent.